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Our business content is to design your adhesive process safely, reproducibly and economically efficiently according to valid standards and regulations.

Process chain adhesive bonding

Setting up the production and storage area tailored to the respective adhesive systems in terms of technology, occupational safety and environmental protection. Develop and prepare documentation specifications.
Definition of necessary adhesive personnel costs, qualification and, if necessary, provision of the function of KAP adhesive inspector in your company according to the respective specifications. Development and preparation of documentation specifications.
Contract review
Definition and verification of the contractual requirements, including responsibilities and provision of relevant information, for your customers and towards your suppliers.
Development and construction
Preparation of a requirement profile of the bonding including its expected loads and classification of the respective safety class. Description of bonding incl. construction, adhesive definition, adhesive surface and layer thickness, environmental conditions, pre-treatments, adhesive process, etc. Documentation in default form and verifiable. Providing and maintaining evidence of stress < load-bearing capacity.
Process planning
Determination of an adhesive process that ensures that the requirements for the product and the process are met economically and reproducibly.
Produktion / Serienfertigung
Storage and logistics of joining parts, adhesive and auxiliary materials
Description of incoming goods inspection incl. requirements for delivery and storage conditions and its control options.
Process validation … The provision of evidence that the designed process is guaranteed in its entirety and that the product cany easily be manufactured in the quality and quantity required by the client. Regular check incl. documentation. Definition of quality assurance measures and employee instruction specifically for your processes.
Definition of maintenance measures and their implementation from a KAP perspective.
Monitoring of measuring, testing and production equipment
Definition of the required measuring and testing devices incl. application monitoring and their supervision and ensuring proper function.
Quality management
Integration of the adhesive standard into existing quality management systems (QMS) and integration of the adhesive-specific requirements into the QMS.


works out for you and with you the entire process chain adhesive bonding or even only individual segments from it.
Klebraupen Geometrieüberwachung optional mit Volumenerkennung und Lagekontrolle, als Stellgrößen für die Nahtführung und zur zertifizierungssicheren Dokumentation.
Adhesive bead control
3 dimensionale Erfassung ihrer Klebraupe.
Seam documentation of all parameters according to DIN2304