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Welcome to the world of adhesive technology – key technology of the 21st century.
Learn more about innovative solutions and possibilities of adhesive technology.
Who are we:
EasyGlue Emden sees itself as an independent engineering firm in the field of adhesive technology. For our customers we define the bonding task from general feasibility, construction- and plant technology (pre- and post-treatment and application) to quality assurance of the individual production processes and the overall result.

Your specialist for adhesive technology…

As described in DIN 2304, DIN 6701 and DIN 9001, adhesive technology is a special process. As a trained adhesive engineer (meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001) and with many years of experience, we support your company in achieving competitive advantages from the advantages of adhesive technology.
We work globally in a network consisting of long-standing contacts with
  • Partner companies in plant and automation technology
  • Universities, established research- and testing institutions
  • Adhesive manufacturers and specialist specialists
This enables us to implement tailor-made solutions and in-house designs quickly and efficiently for you, and to be the link between manufacturing requirements, qualitative requirements, process conditions and economic efficiency.
Atomic basics of adhesive chemistry. Bonding forces adhesive connection. Adhesion cohesion.
Polymer chain
Cartridge application heated for various adhesives.
Adhesive bonding of small-scale series (manual, partially and fully automated)