EasyGlue Emden - DVS®/ EWF European Adhesive Engineer

Adhesive engineer according to DVS®/EWF 3309

After qualifying as an adhesive practitioner and as a bonding specialist, the adhesive engineer represents the third and thus highest level of the continuing training system in adhesive technology.

Adhesive technology

The adhesive technology combines the ever-increasing demands on modern products. Components must become more efficient in all respects, ecological and economic requirements are also constantly increasing. The adhesive technology is able to combine metals, wood, fibre composites, plastics, alloys or ceramics into powerful composite systems and hybrid systems.

Adhesive engineer

professional adhesive know-how from A…Z
As a trained adhesive engineer (meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001; DIN 2304, DIN 6701) we can, among other things, provide the responsible adhesive inspector (vKAP) for your company.
Lacking or insufficient surface treatment and surface preparation, incorrect or supplier-related adhesive selection, improper adhesive storage and processing and non-compliance with adhesive design rules affect the performance of adhesive joints.
Many years of practical experience and training as an adhesive engineer (according to DIN 90001, DIN 2304 and DIN 6701) ensure that the requirements of the entire product life cycle are taken into account and integrated into the adhesive connection.
We implement an analytical consideration of your adhesive connection in a meaningful and product-related manner for you.
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