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Your contact person at EasyGlueEmden e.K. is Dipl. Ing. (FH) Automotive and Adhesive Technology Mr. Sascha Müller.

More than ten years of experience as an engineer in the automotive industry, five years in the operations of two medium-sized companies in adhesive technology and almost 10 years as a self-employed person in this field, adding up to a good 20 years of experience.

Mr. Müller is an expert in all areas of adhesive technology, as well as in the field of technical development of innovative industrial solutions around the topic.


Manufacturer-independent evaluation and design of adhesive systems, the evaluation of damaged adhesive joints are just as much part of our fields of activity as the specification for adhesives and adhesive system technology on the part of customer-specific requirements (which we define together with the customer if requested).

The appointment as a "Publicly appointed and sworn expert" is in preparation.

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Automotive engineer
Diploma certificate Automotive Technology Engineer
Adhesive engineer according to DVS® / EWF - European Adhesive Engineer (EAE).
Diploma certificate Adhesive Engineer